Booking a Training Course at your site has never been easier

Staffordshire First Aid Training would love the opportunity to deliver any course below at your site, for your employees, anywhere in England.


  • Financially - Completing a training course at your venue is more cost-effective and in most cases, can save you money.
  • Convenience - Ther are fewer logistical issues and it may be easier for your employees to get to your training venue.
  • Focus - Due to all delegates on a course being from your company. Our experienced trainers can better tailor scenarios that are more likely to occur in your workplace.


How many delegates can attend?

The prices shown below are based on a maximum of 12 delegates (this is set by the Health and Safety Executive) attending each course at your venue. We can train more delegates by adding additional trainers.


What is the difference between FAIB and OFQUAL?

In order to best authenticate courses and certification, Staffordshire First Aid Training uses two different Awarding Organisations, this is shown in our prices below.  If you opt for the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) course then after the completion of the course, your certification will meet all of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. In fact, the only difference between FAIB and OFQUAL is that opting for the OFQUAL add on means that your certification will be recognised as a Regulated Qualified Framework (RQF).


Please fill out the Offsite Booking Form below and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours. (In most cases much quicker)


Course Prices

FAIB Ofqual Regulated
Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work £325 Plus VAT £375 Plus VAT
Level 3 First Aid at Work £850 Plus VAT £950 Plus VAT
Level 3 First Aid at Work Refresher £600 Plus VAT £690 Plus VAT
Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid £325 Plus VAT £350 Plus VAT
Level 3 OFSTED Approved Paediatric First Aid £525 Plus VAT £575 Plus VAT
Blended Paediatric First Aid £525 Plus VAT
Level 2 Basic Life Support & Automated External Defibrillator £225 Plus VAT
Level 2 Activity First Aid £650 Plus VAT
Level 3 Forestry First Aid+F £250 Plus VAT
Level 2 Principles of Manual Handling £325 Plus VAT
Level 2 Safe Moving and Handling £450 Plus VAT
Level 1 Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health £325 Plus VAT
Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health £650 Plus VAT
Level 3 Supervising First Aid for Mental Health £950 Plus VAT
Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness £325 Plus VAT
What is Ofqual Regulated Course

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What Our Clients Say

At Staffordshire First Aid Training we encourage all of our learners to provide us with feedback on our qualifications and training, so we can share it with you.

Just wanted to say a big thank for the course you delivered on Saturday. I’ve had fantastic feedback from the all who attended. Personally the best first aid course I’ve done and I have done a few!!

Age UK

Trainers had the right balance of information, demonstration and fun. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Thank You.

Ann (2019)

Very well delivered course. Made myself as a First timer gained knowledge very quickly. Very relaxed environment. Definitely worth it. Thank You.

Callum (2018)

The course was one of the best I have been too.

Christina (2019)

Trainer very knowledgeable, used good examples of protential scenarios making me feel at ease at applying what I've learnt to real life situations.

Deborah (2018)

Very well delivered course. Made myself as a First timer gained knowledge very quickly. Very relaxed environment. Deffinatly work it. Thank You.

Diane (2018)

Don't usually enjoy First Aid, but did this one. Great Day.

Diane (2019)

Thank you for a lovely day, feel much more confident, Ian and Will were both fab!

Elizabeth (2019)

Will was fab! He is very knowledgeable and delivered the course in an engaging way, I learnt a lot!

Ellice (2019)

Wasn't looking forward to a whole day on First Aid but you made it really enjoyable. Thank You.

Janet (2019)

Best First Aid course I've done. Thank You.

Jo (2019)

Very hands on lots of practical to do kept it lively.

Joseph (2019)

I thought this course was extremely good I will take this forward with my childcare setting. Thank you Ian.

Kay (2019)

I have been on 8 First Aid courses with my last employer and I got more out of this single session than I did out of all of my previous 8.

Liam (2017)

Excellent people skills, lovely guy gave me confidence, polite and knowledgeable. Recommend Ian to everyone - real pleasure learning today.

Lorraine (2019)

Excellent course, very engaging, informative, knowledgeable. Would highly recommend Will to deliver training.

Louise (2019)

Very clear, great course and really enjoyed it.

Maria (2019)

Excellent course and trainers covered subject very well lots of extra information. Very good I feel that i have leart a lot more today. Thank You.

Marilyn (2019)

Brilliant course throughout, trainers knowledge was excellent.

Matthew (2017)

Excellent course, by far more engaging than any First Aid training I have had. Good stories and answered questions thoroughly. Happy to recommend.

Michael (2018)

Very thorough training with excellent knowledge.

Olivia (2019)

The course was excellent and the trainer extremely knowledgeable. He made it informative, practical and engaging.

Sally (2019)

Really enjoyed this training, very useful and informative. Thank you.

Stacey (2018)

Trainer was excellent and took the lead from the interests of the group, whilst still covering all the subject matter. This made the experience much more memorable, which is very important with this subject matter.

Stephanie (2018)

Very enjoyable and informative, set at right balance. Relevant to subject and our needs. Thank You.

Sue (2019)

Excellent, lots of information, very understandable. Fun too.

Teresa (2019)

Please give us a call at Staffordshire First Aid Training or drop us an e-mail if you wish to discuss any of our courses, place a booking, or need any additional information.

We are registered to several governing bodies:

  • The UK Register of Learning Providers
  • The Learner of Records Service
  • Qualsafe Awards
  • First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)
  • Member of Association of First Aiders


Registering with an Ofqual awarding Organisation means that the training you receive is to a very high standard and the qualifications we provide are accredited using a Government approved and nationally recognised qualification.

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