In line with advice from the HSE and our Awarding Organisations, we are still delivering First Aid Training during this lockdown. Read in full here. 

It's Restart a Heart Day!


In 2019, an amazing 291,000 were trained in CPR through Restart a Heart Day.


What is Restart a Heart Day?

Restart a Heart Day happens every October, with the aim of encouraging and training as many people to learn the lifesaving skill of CPR. Out of hospital cardiac arrests happens across the UK, and so CPR is such an important skill to know to save someone's life- this could be a stranger on the street or a colleague at work- it could be anyone!


COVID-19 and Performing CPR

This year due to COVID-19 there is a big encouragement for people to learn CPR digitally, and it is important to still perform CPR when needed and there are only some alterations to the guidance given due to COVID-19.


Check out this useful video from the Resuscitation Council UK, which gives you guidance on performing CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic:

CPR Right Now- Resuscitation Council UK. 


When performing CPR now, the guidance states that you should not put your ear or cheek close to the individual's face, you should place a cloth or a towel over the individual's mouth or nose before you start giving compressions, also that you should do chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth. Hands-only CPR is now the guidance as it reduces your risk of catching an infection, and without intervention, it is unlikely the person in cardiac arrest will survive.


In the UK, almost a third of adults are not likely to perform CPR if they saw someone suffer a cardiac arrest.



If you would like to learn how to perform the lifesaving skill of CPR why not book on to one of our First Aid courses? You will practice performing CPR on a variety of our manikins as well as being guided by one of our experienced trainers who will ensure that you finish the course feeling confident. There are a range of First Aid courses available from our 3-day First Aid at Work course, to our 2-day OFSTED approved Paediatric First Aid course. 


To find out more about our First Aid courses- click here.

To find out more about our Paediatric First Aid courses- click here.


If you need help with booking one of our courses please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help you. 



In line with Government advice, all delegates attending a First Aid course post-COVID-19 Outbreak will receive a FREE COVID-19 Hygiene Pack in an effort to protect all learners and staff. We will provide: 

  • Clean equipment 
  • Face shields
  • Gloves
  • Hand hygienic gel
  • Surgical face masks
  • Regular handwashing facilities 

Please give us a call at Staffordshire First Aid Training or drop us an e-mail if you wish to discuss any of our courses, place a booking, or need any additional information.

We are registered to several governing bodies:

  • The UK Register of Learning Providers
  • The Learner of Records Service
  • Qualsafe Awards
  • First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)
  • Member of Association of First Aiders


Registering with an Ofqual awarding Organisation means that the training you receive is to a very high standard and the qualifications we provide are accredited using a Government approved and nationally recognised qualification.

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